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OWL.Rentals is excited to launch its new web portal for temporary housing procurement. The online site allows various corporate housing providers to bid on temporary housing opportunities to fill their vacant rentals all over the world.

OWL was originally conceptualized by Alex Shahabe, alongside team member, Deanne Driver who began developing the site back in 2016. Four years later, and after receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from the industry, Shahabe and Driver began working on a new concept that pushes corporate housing to the next level of efficiency.

“Over the last few years, we’d heard the same pain points in the industry. The technology was disconnected and began hindering us, not helping us.” Deanne Driver, OWL Product Development Manager, says of the new concept. “Our focus became completely restructuring the site to make it available for everyone to use.”

In a remarkable turnaround, OWL transitioned to a collaborative web portal where all temporary housing providers can join, source, and receive requests in a one centralized location.

“It is an exciting, new way to find available options for temporary housing,” Shahabe says of their online marketplace. “But it is not only an efficient way to fill vacant rentals. Due to the industry impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this portal can serve as a way that all temporary housing companies can help one another.”

Alex Shahabe is no stranger to the corporate housing industry. He is also the founder and president of the San Diego-based corporate housing company, PC Housing. He says in the past, sourcing for opportunities without core inventory could often be a time consuming and inefficient process for temporary housing professionals. The OWL web portal streamlines all of that by providing centralized sourcing to ease the administrative effort and increase efficiencies involved with the process.

OWL features an intuitive interface and is also mobile-friendly. It is open to all temporary housing providers, who will register and create an online profile for their firm. Within 15 minutes, companies are ready to receive housing requests and source inventory from their peers.

“You will get more choices for furnished apartments from around the world in real-time and on any device,” Shahabe says.

“Our intuitive interface provides the technology temporary housing professionals need to perform at their best,” Driver says.

About OWL.Rentals:

Founded in 2020 by Alex Shahabe, San Diego-headquartered OWL.Rentals provides a marketplace for providers to both source and be sourced for long- and short-term temporary housing. OWL launched its portal to facilitate a new level of convenience by offering access to all temporary housing providers to fill vacancies and bid on housing requests that best fit their companies’ inventory style. For more information and to get started on OWL, visit