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Revalant Consulting and Recruiting (  a firm that specializes in working with the corporate housing industry, furniture rental and other related service companies has recently joined Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA).

Revalant was created over three years ago by an industry veteran, James Higgins who identified that there was lack of specialized consultative and recruiting services to support corporate housing providers.  His tenured leadership experience at Oakwood and BridgeStreet provided a great deal of insight and ownership in selecting and working with highly profitable clients and hiring qualified talent all while ensuring that they achieved operational excellence.

The industry landscape has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Clients have a greater expectation from their services providers, a demand for a higher caliber person to represent them on a daily basis and greater emphasis on investing in technology. At the same time, it is increasingly more difficult as providers are constantly expected to do more for less and continue to experience a shrinking margin as costs rise.

Revalant has focused its efforts on helping companies achieve greater efficiencies, sales goals and operational excellence through strategic planning, project management and recruiting highly motivated candidates for open positions.

“CHPA has a long history of supporting its members, delivery training and value all while hosting meaningful events throughout the year” Says James Higgins, Senior Partner “CHPA is a driving force in keeping its members aware of both emerging issues and industry trends, becoming a member creates an awareness that we exist and can help.” Managing Partner Jayme Donndelinger followed up with “We have already worked with so many of the CHPA member over the past three years, the decision to join was the next step in the evolution of our company”.

Revalant expects to announce additional services in 2018.

About Revalant Consulting and Recruiting

Revalant Consulting and Recruiting Services specializes in the corporate housing, furniture rental and home services industry. With exceptional leadership and recruiting skills, Revalant provides a unique perspective for developing and driving clients to reach their maximum potential. Revalant consistently exceeds expectations and delivers results on a strategic and tactical level while providing executive and project management, sustainable revenue growth, market expansion and talent development. Revalant delivers candidates with pinpoint accuracy in business development, sales generation, strategic and tactical management, and creates a motivated and qualified millennial workforce.

Revalant is a comprehensive consulting and recruiting solutions firm for today’s corporate housing industry and led by an award-wining executive and managing partners with over 30 years’ experience in hospitality and serviced apartments. Revalant provides an expertise in developing sales organizations selling into the Fortune 1000, Global 500, vertical market expansion, and strategic small-, mid-, and large-market accounts. Revalant tailors its approach to a company’s specific needs by isolating key areas for enhancement and create a strategic plan. Revalant undertakes to carefully implement the strategy into the framework of the company to ensure that changes are made effectively and efficiently. These strategies are curated precisely for each company and are modified along the way to ensure that your goals are being satisfied.

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