Revalant Consulting Celebrates 10th Anniversary as the Premier Corporate Housing Consulting Firm by Launching Custom EZ Read Whitepaper Offering to Support Client Messaging

Published on Monday, January 8th, 2024 by James Higgins

Princeton, NJ – 1/8/2024 – Revalant Consulting, the leader in corporate housing consulting, is proud to mark its 10th year of excellence in the industry. Boasting an award-winning executive team with a collective experience of over 30 years in hospitality and serviced apartments, Revalant Consulting has consistently delivered expert guidance in developing sales organizations targeting business development, vertical market expansion, strategic planning, revenue growth, talent acquisition and executive coaching.

As part of its 10th-anniversary celebration, Revalant Consulting is excited to introduce a new offering – Custom EZ Read Whitepapers. These custom, yet inexpensive whitepapers can be personalized to address specific market conditions, properties, services, local real estate factors, cost of living, demographics, and more. Authored by industry experts, these whitepapers provide informative, easy-to-read, fact-based articles with an objective perspective.

“Launching Custom EZ Whitepapers is a testament to our dedication to providing innovative solutions for our clients,” added Founder and Sr. Partner James Higgins. “These whitepapers are designed to equip our industry clients with valuable insights.  The topics are specific to the client’s needs and then designed to be shared with their customer and prospect to educate them on what impacts price and value and ensures they have the information to make better informed decision when selecting a provider.”

As Revalant Consulting looks back on a decade of success, the firm remains committed to helping CHPA members thrive in the dynamic corporate housing landscape, and it looks forward to a future filled with continued growth and opportunities.

Over the past decade, Revalant Consulting has emerged as a trusted resource for CHPA members seeking expertise in millennial workforce integration, business development, lead generation, and strategic sales management. With outstanding leadership and a unique perspective on fostering growth and maximizing potential, Revalant Consulting has consistently achieved remarkable results on both the strategic and tactical fronts, offering executive leadership, sustainable revenue growth, and successful market expansion.

“At Revalant, our mission is to empower clients with knowledge, strategy and expertise to enhance various aspects of their operations,” stated Mr. Higgins. “We adopt a personalized approach by identifying key areas for development and crafting strategic plans tailored to the unique needs of each company. But our commitment doesn’t stop there – we work closely with our clients to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of these strategies, adapting them as necessary to meet evolving goals.”

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About Revalant Consulting:

Revalant Consulting is a renowned consulting firm specializing in corporate housing and related industries. With over 30 years of combined experience in hospitality and serviced apartments, the award-winning executive team at Revalant Consulting provides expert guidance in developing sales organizations, expanding into Fortune 1000 and Global 500 markets, and strategically targeting small, mid-sized, and large-market accounts. The firm’s commitment to excellence and personalized approach have made it a trusted partner for businesses seeking to enhance various aspects of their operations.