Revalant Consulting to Offer Custom Whitepaper Writing Service on Behalf of CHPA Members

Revalant Consulting now offers this service to corporate housing providers and clients looking to add a competitive edge to their process of lead generation and client acquisition.

Published on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 by

Following the publication of numerous highly successful whitepapers, including several commissioned by CHPA in 2021, Revalant Consulting now offers this service to corporate housing providers and clients looking to add a competitive edge to their process of lead generation and client acquisition. A skilled team of researchers and professional writers will pair with Revalant’s industry experts to create customized whitepapers for CHPA members, identifying relevant and cutting-edge independent research and integrating this information into a succinct document ready for a client to utilize in the way they best see fit. A whitepaper can serve as an informational tool – presenting a heavily researched problem and its solution – to inform potential clients of the benefits of using a service, also easily adaptable into presentations, pamphlets, and other marketing materials that will serve to promote the relevance of one’s services to the masses.

In 2021, CHPA commissioned Revalant to write three industry articles that are impacting its members and industry. These focused on the current state of the housing rental market, and where it was destined to go in the future. Through diligent research and clear, effective writing, these pieces were published to widespread acclaim and became integrated into a variety of conferences as keynote presentations. These documents also served as a glimpse towards the future of the industry as a whole, covering topics such as the supply-chain, inflation, and seasonal demand before they reached a level of widespread industry consciousness. Relevant’s research team paired with industry specific expertise provides the paper with unique insight to produce educational, informative, and thought-provoking documents that have the power to significantly impact the industry. These become key differentiators for a provider as they look to explain market conditions, price increases and the value of working with a professional service provider.

Revalant has made the decision to open this service to CHPA members at large, who may be looking to distinguish themselves in the industry through the creation and development of well-researched educational material that is customizable in its content and adaptable in its execution. These articles communicate directly with clients with purpose and delivering a final product that is deeply rooted in skilled research and professional writing. In a market where education and information are more important than ever for a potential client, having a well-developed whitepaper explaining, market conditions, inventory challenges, increased costs, and external factors, the value in educating a client and differentiating a company’s service will set them apart from competitors. Relevant’s widespread versatility in their operations clientele makes the possibilities for whitepaper topics endless, and this opportunity would greatly benefit those looking to further the breadth and scope of their company’s possibilities in lead generation and client acquisition.

Led by an award-winning executive and managing partners with over 30 years of experience in hospitality and serviced apartments, Revalant provides expertise in developing sales organizations selling into the Fortune 1000, Global 500, vertical market expansion, and strategic small-, mid-, and large-market accounts. Members of the Revalant team are experts in the area of millennial workforce integration, business development, lead generation, and strategic sales management. Revalant aims to assist businesses valued at $25 million or less that are looking to improve various aspects within their company. Revalant tailors its approach to each company’s specific needs by isolating key areas for improvement and creating a strategic plan to address and improves these aspects. The creation of the strategic plan is just the first step in the process Revalant undertakes to carefully implement the strategy into the framework of the company in order to ensure that changes are made effectively and efficiently.

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