River City Furniture Rental Partners with RC Designs to Improve Corporate Housing

The strategic alliance aims to integrate comprehensive furniture solutions with innovative design services.

Published on Wednesday, January 17th, 2024 by Amanda Clark

TUCSON, AZ, – River City Furniture Rental and RC Designs announced a partnership to improve corporate housing experiences. River City Furniture Rental, known for their furniture rental and corporate housing services, will expand their offerings by integrating RC Designs’ expertise in home staging.

This collaboration combines River City Furniture Rental’s full-service furniture solutions with RC Designs’ innovative design and staging expertise. The partnership aims to address the growing demand for well-designed corporate housing options.

The alliance will enable River City Furniture Rental to offer an expanded range of decor items, including lamps, throw pillows, and floral arrangements, as part of its corporate housing packages. These additions are designed to create more appealing and comfortable living environments for corporate clients.

Elizabeth Laird, co-founder of both companies, commented, “Our goal is to elevate the corporate housing experience by integrating quality furnishings with professional design services. This partnership ensures that our corporate apartments provide both comfort and style.”

River City Furniture Rental clients will benefit from professionally trained delivery and interior design teams, who will oversee the installation of furniture, ensuring layouts and arrangements adhere to design and comfort principles.

The partnership is expected to deliver several key benefits:

  • Local expertise in Northern California’s culture and lifestyle.
  • Renowned customer service with a focus on client satisfaction.
  • A diverse range of stylish furniture and decor options.
  • Customized styling solutions from a professional interior design team.

About River City Furniture Rental: River City Furniture Rental offers full-service furniture rental and corporate housing services, tailored to the unique culture and lifestyle of Northern California.

About RC Designs: RC Designs is a leading home staging and interior styling firm, known for creating spaces that resonate with prospective home buyers.