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SilverDoor integrates with Conferma Pay as Covid-19 sees spike in cashless, plastic-free payment

As digital transactions have soared in recent months, leading global corporate housing agent SilverDoor has integrated with virtual payment platform Conferma Pay.

The announcement reflects the increasing popularity of virtual card for businesses to pay for goods and services, with cashless, plastic-free payment solutions offering clear benefits for both travellers and their organisations.                                                                           

SilverDoor’s clients can now charge all their accommodation bookings to it using the online booking tool Orbi, in any area that accepts Conferma Pay.

Martin Klima, Group Head of Client Relationships at SilverDoor said of the partnership “We are always looking for ways we can make booking with SilverDoor quicker, more convenient and secure for our clients.  The integration with Conferma Pay is just another example of how we are doing this.

“Virtual card transactions are more efficient for businesses to process, more transparent, less open to misuse and – in the wake of Covid-19 – clearly safer. We expect demand for virtual cards to increase significantly and this integration means we can respond to this”

David Wood, Director of Hotel Products at Conferma Pay added that the benefits of virtual payment for businesses were clear: “We are seeing more and more businesses seek virtual payment solutions from a single, preferred partner to help streamline their expense management system.  Integration with a virtual card, and the removal of billback or credit accounts, not only makes payment management more efficient and secure, it also helps leverage the corporate credit in as many instances as possible”

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About SilverDoor Apartments

SilverDoor Apartments is the world’s most trusted provider of corporate housing for business travel.

We bring together an inventory from over 1,500 property operators into one easy to manage relationship.

Our team of experts source accommodation exclusively for corporate clients and utilise their wealth of experience to find the most suitable options and secure the best rates. Our industry-leading technology perfectly supports our unparalleled service model.

About Conferma Pay

Conferma Pay is a global financial technology company with a mission to help businesses digitise payment.

The company designs and integrates virtual payment systems that make corporate settlement more efficient, seamless and secure. With roots in the travel industry, Conferma Pay connects the world’s largest ecosystem of virtual card providers with more than 700 travel management companies, all five major global distribution systems and over 100 corporate booking tools.