SuiteAmerica Announces Corporate Housing Marketplace Platform

Published on Friday, June 11th, 2021 by Sarah Buchanan

SuiteAmerica, an employee-owned corporate housing company, announced the creation of a platform that allows corporate housing operators to share and exchange inventory in a cloud-based environment.

Welcome to the Largest Selection of Temp Housing
Launching in 2021, this platform is a real-time centralized location that provides corporate customers and consumers with the largest warehoused selection of temporary housing inventory.

SuiteAmerica’s Director of Software Development, Ashok Kandipati, says, “Our cloud-based technology ecosystem is built with agility, security, and scalability in mind. We have leveraged APIs, machine learning, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to achieve efficiency and cost savings.”

Explore Inventory in Real-Time
SuiteAmerica’s CEO, Jim Masten, says, “We recognized that our industry has been impacted by multiple sourcing platforms, and there was no single location where a customer—or our corporate housing partners—could easily pick up a furnished unit on the spot. Our platform solves that challenge.”

In the interesting of advancing the corporate housing industry, SuiteAmerica plans to open this platform to industry peers. Masten notes that the platform is a “centralized repository for corporate housing companies’ available inventory in real-time.”

Unifying the industry with SuiteAmerica’s technological standard enables corporate housing companies to advance their own operations and offer innovative products to clients. SuiteAmerica’s VP of Sales, Kelly Cockrell believes, “this is an important step to strength the entire temp housing industry, providing a solution to the inherent issue of supply chain inventory exchange.”

A Cost-Effective Solution for All
As SuiteAmerica has already built this technology, they are providing peers with a cost-effective, timely response to the consumer side of business, which is dominated by a small handful of platforms, like Airbnb. “We see this as a tremendous opportunity for the corporate housing industry to have its own platform,” says Cockrell.

The best part, perhaps, is that “it will be at a lower cost of sale than the other sourcing platforms out there now,” says Masten.

To schedule a demo of SuiteAmerica’s revolutionary platform, contact Kelly Cockrell at or Ashok Kandipati at

About SuiteAmerica
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