Sustainability at the Heart of Furnished Quarters’ Culture

Furnished Quarters is focusing on sustainability in every facet of business operations and guest experience.

Published on Monday, October 10th, 2022 by Alexandra Hare

(New York, NY) September 29, 2022 – Currently in its 25th year of business, Furnished Quarters is laser-focused on meaningful sustainability policies that will create increased value for all stakeholders and reduce their carbon footprint through actionable measures and new processes. As an NGLCC-certified LGBTQ+ company, Furnished Quarters is proud to recognize diversity and embrace inclusion in the workplace. In addition, their emphasis on sustainability is central to their commitment to social responsibility and how they care for their communities.

“Sustainability has quickly become one of our top priorities, and we are working tirelessly to effectively adapt business practices so our employees and guests can feel confident when evaluating Furnished Quarter’s CSR policies and the overall impact of corporate travel,” said CEO Steve Brown.

Most recently, they have taken several important steps to both improve environmental standards and the guest experience, including reducing single-use plastic in residences with the addition of Boxed Water upon arrival, a complimentary guest toiletries kit featuring L’Occitane’s Aromachologie Collection made of recycled plastic, a reusable shopping tote derived from 100% natural cotton and repeat guest gifts compiled in an entirely recyclable gift box. In addition, they are creating a “Greener Guest Guide” to empower improved environmental sustainability practices during each stay.

They have also started to examine their supply chain to ensure they are partnering with like-minded companies in diversity, ethics, and sustainability standards. With innovation at the heart of Furnished Quarter’s culture, they are excited to work through their 2023 ESG action plan to ensure that meaningful improvements are interwoven into every decision they make. They feel encouraged by the industry’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and look forward to developing leading policies to uplift their company and the entire industry.

About Furnished Quarters

Furnished Quarters is the premier supplier of short-term housing and an accredited LGBTQ+ diverse, privately owned, and operated company. Currently, in our 25th year of business, we have proudly built an all-inclusive housing solution focused on innovative technology, operational excellence, a service-first approach, and a remarkable variety of housing inventory. By harnessing the power of our people, we offer our guests the opportunity to “Stay Different” through a wide range of concierge-style services and experiences. With our Global Headquarters in New York City and regional offices in Boston, San Francisco, and London, we deliver and service our client’s needs across the globe.

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