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Synergy Global Housing Names Claire Barrie VP of Sales, EMEA

ReloQuest Inc. is honored to receive the prestigious Relocate Global Excellence in Technology/Analytics-Corporate award. 

The announcement was made on Tuesday 12 May, at the Relocate Global virtual awards ceremony, hosted by Jayne Constantinis, a business reporter/newsreader on BBC World. The awards celebrate achievement across international management and global mobility. The judging criteria included the attributes of collaboration, innovation, and global mindedness. 

The awards showcase best practice and honor the best and brightest corporates and suppliers across international management and global mobility from planning a relocation and temporary accommodations to education and technology.

Global mobility drives business results but comes with diverse challenges; such as, rapid change, evolving demands, and risk management-as recently seen with the COVID19 pandemic that knows no borders. Can you receive data in real-time to proactively monitor emergencies, weather, or risks that may impact your team? Technology supports GM professionals, who via technological support now have more time combined with predictive analytics to strategize and counsel accurately and efficiently. 

ReloQuest makes employee travel data accessible. The solution helps relocation and travel managers rapidly locate their employees’. The single source, real-time platform, provides direct communication and supports the continuity of workflow. In times that require increased interaction ReloQuest technology can make a critical impact on accessibility to employees when they need organizational support most.

Among the many benefits unique to ReloQuest alone is the largest Global Marketplace of Verified Suppliers, in over 162 countries equating to millions of verified accommodations. 

RQ PRO facilitates end to end management of a global workforce and offers 24-7 customer service that is second to none. ReloQuest provides a fully transparent resource for global mobility clients and individuals in need of sourcing worldwide temporary accommodations while remaining compliant with corporate guidelines. 

ReloQuest technology is designed to meet employees’ needs while accomplishing client’s goals. The technology goes well beyond tracking and exceptional metrics; it offers a collaborative experience; employees who are relocating can get involved in the process while remaining compliant. 

Employees/Travelers can view the details of their reservation, welcome information, submit service tickets, notice to vacate, and property reviews-all from their mobile device. 

Among workflow features on the multi-award-winning platform is Direct ConnectSM ReloQuest’s B2E employee self-service innovation. Where employees can: 

  • Enter Requests
  • Review Options
  • Select Choices
  • Submit Service Issues, & contact supplier
  • Receive 24-7 guest support

RQ Pro offers direct access to your supply chain along with direct communication. RQ Pro also provides automated features that vastly increase efficiency; such as, consolidated/centralized billing, welcome letters, lease management, plus option, lease, and supplier transparency which eliminates mark-up and supports accountability.

About ReloQuest

ReloQuest is a business travel solution for companies and employees to search, compare, and book corporate apartments and hotels around the world. The technology simplifies the process of sourcing temporary accommodations while supplying: rapid implementation, 100% transparency, real-time data, substantial cost reduction, direct communication, reported 80% efficiency increases, and 24-7 live support. Dedicated to solving travel and relocation challenges, ReloQuest leads by designing technology firsts serving today’s global workforce and the companies that employ them.