Homelike Opens Operations in Dubai, Marking a Major Milestone in its Expansion Plan Towards a Truly Global Presence

Published on Tuesday, March 19th, 2024 by Fabio Felix Pereira

Homelike, Europe’s leading platform for serviced apartments and well-established prop-tech company, announces its market entry into Dubai, marking a significant moment in the company’s global expansion strategy. With a focus on catering to the challenging needs of corporate travellers, Homelike identifies as the ideal player to elevate its partner’s supply portfolio, thanks to its cutting-edge technology, established market presence, and exceptional user experience. Homelike’s vision is to drive the alternative accommodation sector forward, from serviced apartments and aparthotels to co-living and pods, and projects significant revenue growth in the coming years with its aim to dominate the global mid-long stay market and drive innovation forward.

This strategic move marks a significant milestone in Homelike’s mission to redefine the midterm housing experience and further expand its global footprint.

As part of its strategic expansion plan, Homelike aims to leverage its extensive network of suppliers and cutting-edge platform features to capture a substantial share of Dubai’s corporate travel market. With an initial boost of marketing initiatives, supplier onboarding, and technology enhancements, Homelike is committed to establishing a strong foothold in Dubai and solidifying its position as the preferred
choice for corporate accommodations.

Key highlights of Homelike’s launch in Dubai include:

Strategic Partnerships: With an initial 2,500 units and an expected 6,000 units in the next 6 months, Homelike’s diverse portfolio of furnished apartments is backed by strategic supplier partnerships, ensuring high-quality accommodations for both long and short stays.

Technology-Driven Solutions: With advanced algorithms and user-friendly interfaces, Homelike’s platform will serve over 15,000 satisfied corporate clients for unparalleled convenience in Dubai.

Market Penetration Strategy: Homelike targets Dubai’s corporate travel market through targeted marketing, partnerships, and innovative pricing, ensuring sustainable growth and profitability. Catering to both short stays and extended residencies: Tailoring to the varied needs of our clientele, our offerings cater specifically to the demands of corporate clients and individual travellers alike, spanning a spectrum that includes work relocation, project assignments, digital nomads, flexible workers, and workation enthusiasts.

Premium Accommodation Options: Homelike offers premium furnished apartments tailored for corporate travellers and expats in Dubai, ensuring a comfortable and stylish stay.

Commenting on the launch, Philipp Morawietz, Managing Director of Homelike, stated: “Dubai represents a strategic market opportunity for Homelike, and we are excited to unveil our expansion plans and revenue projections for the region. With our proven track record of success in Europe and a clear roadmap for growth in Dubai, we are confident that Homelike will emerge as the leading platform for corporate accommodations in the Middle East.”

Homelike invites corporate travellers, accommodation providers, and investors to join them on their journey to redefine the corporate travel experience in Dubai. To learn more about Homelike and its offerings, visit thehomelike.com.

About Homelike:

Homelike is a leading prop-tech company at the forefront of alternative accommodation solutions. With its strong B2C DNA and emphasis on technology, Homelike offers an exceptional user experience and revolutionises the way accommodation is booked and managed. Through its partnership with QIG, Homelike aims to strengthen its market position and drive industry-wide change.