Compass Furnished Apartments Launches 2023 Compassion Report

The Impact of the Award-Winning Compass Cares Program

Published on Friday, April 12th, 2024 by Brianna Correia

QUINCY, Massachusetts — Compass Furnished Apartments is pleased to announce the release of their highly anticipated 2023 Compassion Report, showcasing the impactful initiatives of their Compass Cares program. Dedicated to making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities, their Compass Cares program focuses on providing support to patients and families traveling for medical purposes, community empowerment, and sustainability efforts.

Apartment Program for Patients and Families Traveling for Medical Purposes
One of the key highlights of their Compass Cares program in 2023 was the successful apartment program, aimed at providing comfortable and affordable accommodation for patients and their families who need to travel for medical treatment. Through partnerships and their 1% pledge, they continuously offer a supportive environment where individuals can focus on their health and well-being without the added stress of finding accommodations near hospitals.

“Together, we can achieve remarkable things when we work towards a common goal of making a difference in the lives and communities of others,” said Eric Fleming, President of Compass Furnished Apartments.

The Impact of the Apartment Program
Their Compass Cares program continuously makes a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals. From providing discounted and complimentary nights to families facing medical emergencies to donating $10K to Hospitality Homes, their efforts to help patients and families traveling for medical purposes touched the hearts of many. Since the start of the program, Compass has continued to expand its reach and deepen their impact, creating lasting change in communities across the Northeast.

In 2023, 194 families stayed 4,396 nights in a Compass apartment and Compass donated 196 nights to 22 Compass Cares families.

Community Empowerment
Compass Furnished Apartments believes in the power of community empowerment and partnering with like-minded companies. They partner with Hospitality Homes, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing temporary housing in volunteer host homes for patients undergoing medical treatment. While Hospitality Homes offers valuable support, some guests may not be able to stay in shared housing arrangements. Recognizing this, Compass Cares serves as a vital support system by providing private accommodations, ensuring that Hospitality Homes can accommodate all patients and families.

“Compass is an important partner for us. We believe the last thing a family should have to worry about while their loved one is in Boston for serious medical attention is where they will sleep. Hospitality Homes & partners like Compass solve that problem,” said Debbie Pepper, Executive Director, Hospitality Homes.

As stewards of the environment, Compass is committed to sustainability in all aspects of its operations. In 2023, they took significant steps to reduce their carbon footprint, minimize waste, and promote eco-friendly practices. From implementing energy-efficient technologies to reducing single-use plastics and donating to local biodiversity non-profits, they are dedicated to preserving the planet for future generations.

How to Get Involved
Compass invites individuals and organizations alike to join them in their mission to create a brighter and more compassionate world. Whether through volunteering, making in-kind donations or spreading awareness about their initiatives, there are countless ways to get involved and make a difference. Together, you can continue to spread compassion and kindness to those who need it most.

To learn more about Compass Furnished Apartments’ Compass Cares program and to view their 2023 Compassion Report, click here.

About Compass Furnished Apartments
Compass Furnished Apartments is a leading provider of short-term and long-term fully furnished apartments throughout the Northeast and beyond. Our comfortable homes, streamlined reservation process, and “concierge-style” client services enable us to provide our guests with an exceptional experience, all at a tremendous value. Our forward-looking approach to technology and sustainable business practices – coupled with our experience in evaluating and fulfilling the specific needs of every client – lead many to choose Compass for their furnished apartment needs.

About Compass Cares
Our unwavering commitment to our core values drives our focus and mission. With philanthropy, social responsibility, and environmental consciousness at the forefront of our business practices, we aim to elevate industry standards through our Compass Cares program. Our Compass Cares program embodies our commitment to ensuring a brighter future for generations to come. We are committed to fostering a positive work culture, prioritizing environmental stewardship in every aspect of our business and helping patients and families traveling for medical purposes. Through our furnished apartments, we provide a comforting oasis equipped with amenities and personalized support to ease their journey, offering a true home away from home experience. By embracing sustainability, nurturing a positive workplace, and catering to the needs of our guests, Compass Cares embodies our commitment to making a meaningful difference in the world. “Together, we do more good”.

Preferred Corporate Housing Earns Prestigious SIRVA Environmental Champion Award

Published on Sunday, February 4th, 2024 by Michelle Velasquez

Houston, TX – Preferred Corporate Housing (PCH) proudly announces its recognition as a Sirva Environmental Champion, securing a top spot on the esteemed 2024 Environmental Scorecard. Out of hundreds of global suppliers, PCH emerged as one of the top-15 scoring suppliers worldwide and one of only two temporary housing suppliers to make the top 15 list.

The SIRVA Environmental Champion Award highlights PCH’s commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, reflecting a dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices. This recognition comes as a testament to PCH’s leadership in driving positive change within the corporate housing industry.

SIRVA, a prominent provider of global employee mobility solutions, initiated the Environmental Scorecard in 2021, inviting suppliers worldwide to participate in a comprehensive study. PCH’s outstanding performance underscores its environmental awareness, efforts, and programs, aligning seamlessly with SIRVA’s 5-year plan to enhance the impact of its supply chain.

“We are honored to be named a SIRVA Environmental Champion, a testament to our ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This achievement underscores our dedication to making a positive impact on our industry and the world,” said Michelle Velasquez, Vice President of Client Services at Preferred Corporate Housing.

The 2024 Environmental Scorecard reflects collaborative efforts to foster a greener industry and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives. PCH’s leadership in these areas has contributed to the collective progress toward a more sustainable and socially responsible corporate housing sector.

As a recipient of the SIRVA Environmental Champion Award, PCH extends its gratitude to SIRVA for recognizing its contributions and reaffirms its commitment to continually strive for environmental excellence and positive social impact.

New AltoVita EcoStats Suite Features Carbon Calculator to Measure CO2 Emissions

Published on Tuesday, January 16th, 2024 by Matthew Parsons

London, United Kingdom  — AltoVita, the award-winning global corporate accommodation platform, has launched EcoStats.

  • New AltoVita EcoStats suite features carbon calculator to measure CO2 emissions
  • Accurately estimate data for each night’s stay in any accommodation listed on AltoVita, thanks to a sophisticated API integration with data specialist Thrust Carbon
  • Free-to-use tool provides clarity in understanding the environmental impact of accommodation options, helping corporations compare emissions performance as easily as rates and amenities

The free-to-use tool accurately estimates the CO2 emissions for each night’s stay in any of the accommodations listed on AltoVita, offering a transparent and reliable measure of environmental impact.

When searching for corporate accommodation on the AltoVita platform, the user inputs the specifics of the stay, including location, duration and accommodation type. EcoStats then assesses various sustainability metrics such as; certifications, renewable energy usage, carbon tracking, efficient lighting, single plastic use, recycling, responsible sourcing, and more. The search results (property profiles, quotes, and booking confirmations) will all show the calculated volume of CO2 emissions per night.

As a result, AltoVita EcoStats gives clarity in understanding the environmental impact of accommodation options, helping users to compare CO2 emissions performance as easily as rates and amenities.

AltoVita EcoStats follows reporting processes consistent with practices used in research such as the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index. In partnership with Thrust Carbon, the tool is grounded in scientific accuracy and adheres to internationally recognised sustainability standards.

The launch coincides with upcoming European Union legislation — the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive — which will soon require large companies and listed companies to publish regular reports on the social and environmental risks they face, and on how their activities impact people and the environment.

This EU directive is being phased in from next year through 2029.

“EcoStats is a sustainability suite, and eventually it will not just include CO2 quantities, but multiple indicators, such as length of stay, seasonality and the number of guests, that help businesses and travellers make more informed decisions,” said Mikhail Lortkipanidze, Senior Product Manager at AltoVita. “We’re thinking long-term, to make it compliant with the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.”

Companies today are more than aware of the need to reduce emissions within their mobility and travel programs. According to a recent survey, 54% of travel managers say their company has set either internal or public targets to reduce Scope 3 emissions, which include those from business travel. Another 23% are planning to set such reduction targets, based on the findings in “The State of Climate Action in Business Travel – Global Industry Barometer 2023,” published by the Global Business Travel Association in June 2023.

And according to Harvard Business Review and NTT, companies that prioritise sustainability outperform their peers by 44% in the long run.

AltoVita EcoStats makes it easier for companies to hit their sustainability goals.

For more information, visit

About AltoVita

AltoVita delivers smart and sustainable corporate housing solutions to employees anywhere in the world.

AltoVita’s unique offering sets us apart in the market, providing a network of 7 million+ verified and vetted properties that are all duty of care compliant, backed by a four-tier quality control process, located in over 35.000 cities & 165 countries world-wide. With our award-winning enterprise software and human-centric approach, we deliver smart and sustainable solutions to global talent mobility & business travel managers worldwide.

Our Client Development team plays a vital role as trusted advisors and partners to our clients. Embodying our consultative philosophy, this dedicated team proactively shares new market insights, analyses data, and empowers our clients with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions, ensuring our clients are always equipped to make the best choices for their corporate housing needs.

AltoVita’s technology provides a cloud-based bridge between the highly fragmented property distribution system and multinational Global 2000 companies. A proprietary two-way API integration with a standardised sourcing process reduces the legacy, inefficient 48-to-72-hour bidding process down to a few minutes, saving valuable time and money.

Corporate clients love the bespoke user interface seamlessly configured to their mobility policies, and employees enjoy a greater sense of choice and support in their relocation journey.

Synergy Partners with Montana Based All Natural Snacks Company, Yellowstone Foods

In support of small business, the strategic partnership delivers locally sourced and sustainable options to welcome business travelers.

Published on Tuesday, January 9th, 2024 by Robin Spindel

San Ramon, CA, January 9, 2024 — Synergy Global Housing (Synergy), a serviced accommodation program management leader, announced a strategic partnership with Yellowstone Foods to distribute its all-natural snacks to guests across California with plans to expand to other US locations. Blending the rich history of Montana’s natural and local ingredients with rustic flavors, Yellowstone’s snacks are sustainably produced, adventure-infused snacks.

“Partnering with Yellowstone Foods is a natural fit because we believe it’s the little things—like providing a delicious and eco-conscious chocolate chip cookie from Big Sky Country—that impact the guest experience the most,” said Debra Christopher, President of Synergy. “When people travel for over 20 hours across continents and arrive to their corporate apartment after dark, we want them to feel the thought and care we put in to welcome them.”

Yellowstone Foods, a home-grown small business that launched 2 years ago in Butte, Montana, is known for crafting delicious snacks and prioritizing sustainability in every aspect of its operations. The company utilizes compostable packaging, actively reduces waste by donating excess products to local Montana shelters and food banks, and sources ingredients locally to minimize its carbon footprint.

“We are excited to bring our natural snacks to Synergy’s guests and create a unique welcome experience that we believe complements and fuels the adventurous spirit of business travel and relocation,” said Steve Guggenheimer, Co-Founder of Yellowstone Foods. “Having spent a lot of time in my career on the road, I recognize the value of a great tasting, natural snack waiting on arrival in a new city or location. The Synergy and Yellowstone Foods partnership is that welcomed surprise when travelers least expect it.”

After a successful pilot program returned rave reviews, Synergy will roll out Yellowstone Foods’ signature snacks to its guests, starting in California with some of Yellowstone Foods’ best-selling products, including the Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookie and Hazelnut Espresso Bar. Beyond that, Synergy plans to offer the snacks at its other US-based locations in the near future. Synergy guests also receive a 15 percent discount on their first Yellowstone Foods order via a QR code printed on the guest’s welcome card that outlines and tells the story of the two companies’ unique and inspired partnership.

“We believe that the feel of the product and the ethos of Yellowstone Foods perfectly match the preferences of our guests. It’s more than just snacks; it’s an experience and a brand ethos that aligns with our commitment to small business, local experiences and sustainability,” added Christopher.

The Yellowstone Foods partnership is integral to Synergy’s broader sustainability initiatives and its commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030. From the company’s updated travel policies to removing plastics, reducing its reliance on paper, flexible work arrangements and eliminating food waste to its broader industry sustainability stewardship, Synergy is using science-based targets to enact a more environmentally conscious approach to business. Synergy is determined to contribute to the collective education and behaviors that better our environment through the products, services and measurements it employs.

To learn more about Synergy’s sustainability journey, please visit its sustainability webpage here.

About Synergy Global Housing

Founded in 1999, Synergy is an international serviced accommodation provider headquartered in San Ramon, CA, delivering a superior hospitality-driven extended-stay experience to the business travel and mobility industries. Providing best-in-class housing and services in over 2,000 cities in more than 85 countries, the company has offices in China, Singapore, India, England, Ireland and multiple locations throughout the United States.

Recognized globally, Synergy’s recent awards include the 2023 Travel Partner of The Year: Alternative Accommodation Operator from the Business Travel Awards, 2023 and 2021 Company of The Year from the Corporate Housing Provider’s Association (CHPA), 2023 ITM Service Excellence Team; 2022 Operations Team of the Year from the Business Travel People Awards; 2022 Serviced Apartment Provider of the Year Regional/Global from Relocate Magazine; and the 2021 Corporate Housing Provider of the Year from the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) U.S. and EMEA regions.

Synergy is a member of The Ascott Limited (Ascott), a leading international lodging owner-operator based in Singapore. Spanning more than 220 cities in over 40 countries, Ascott’s serviced residence and hotel brands include Ascott, Citadines, lyf, Oakwood, Quest, Somerset, The Crest Collection, The Unlimited Collection, Préférence, Fox, Harris, POP!, Vertu and Yello. Ascott is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CapitaLand Investment Limited (CLI), one of Asia’s largest diversified real estate groups headquartered and listed in Singapore and Malaysia. Today, Ascott boasts over 30 years of industry track record and award-winning brands that enjoy recognition worldwide.

About Yellowstone Foods LLC

Yellowstone Foods is an all-natural snack food company inspired by the rich history of Montana. We blend natural and local ingredients with rustic flavors to create the ultimate snacks for wherever your adventures take you. Each snack draws inspiration from a different region or aspect of the Big Sky Country. We honor the history of Montana while looking to the future with locally sourced, sustainable ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

Our team came together through Montana-forged friendships. We share a common passion for good food and adventure in the great outdoors. Yellowstone Foods was created to feed that adventure.