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Today, Corporate Stays officially launched its initiative to support and encourage the rejuvenation of the travel industry. This is coming in light of the pandemic situation that forced most Canadians indoors. As Canada’s largest provider of fully furnished luxury apartments, Corporate Stays is taking yet another bold step towards ensuring easy and convenient travel for Canadians all over the country.

The road so far has been fraught with challenges, but now, there is an end in sight. As a strong believer in community and doing its part, Corporate Stays is opening all its fully furnished apartments to Canadians willing to travel with a substantial discount of 30%. This summer, the company is throwing open the doors of all its custom furnished, short term rental apartments to travelers looking to finally unwind after spending so long indoors.

Every industry, including the travel industry, has taken a huge hit from the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is only to be expected that there will be a measure of uncertainty in the air as far as traveling is concerned. However, our booking data is showing that travel is gradually returning to normal. As more people leave their homes for business or pleasure, it falls on Corporate Stays to give willing travelers excellent choice of places to arrive in.

This is one reason why Corporate Stays felt the need to make its vast array of apartments and lodgings in the country even more affordable than ever before. As communities and businesses slowly return to how they used to be, the team at Corporate Stays is playing its part to the fullest to ensure that every traveler has a safe and special home they can arrive in every major city within the country.

“Times are changing, yes, but our commitment to caring for travelers remain unwavering. Our teams are on standby all over the country to make your first travel experience a memorable one. As a proud Canadian company, we consider it our responsibility to support local businesses and communities by providing fully furnished safe, affordable and dependable lodgings and apartments to travelers. Offering a 30% summer discount on all our apartments within the country is only the first of many initiatives we have in store to contribute to returning things to how they were.”  — Vladimir Suarez, Chief Executive Officer at Corporate Stays.

As to be expected, the standard of the 1, 200+ apartments controlled by Corporate Stays have only improved through this pandemic. The ultra-convenient location and exceptional service and amenities each apartment offers still remains top-notch. Each apartment is professionally cleaned, sanitized and is uniquely furnished with high-end products from Casa Suarez décor. Guests can carry out their homey routine as well with the fully equipped kitchen each apartment possesses. Free and unlimited internet service is also available to cater for every business and entertainment needs guests might have.

Corporate Stays’ unparalleled corporate rentals are supported by experienced property managers, and a 24/7 multilingual concierge team. Corporate Stays focuses on launching apartments in prime locations so that guests can have the optimal experience during their travels. Guests can rely on the Corporate Stays team throughout their stay, with the complimentary concierge service only a quick phone call away.

About Corporate Stays

Founded in 2008, Corporate Stays offers highly personalized corporate housing experiences for business travelers across the globe, including complimentary concierge and international guest support in their Signature Collection locations. A competent staff of expert corporate housing specialists and property partners works tirelessly to manage and maintain their variety of handpicked furnished apartments found across the globe, with acute attention to detail. Every Corporate Stays location provides the highest tiers of comfort, amenities, and proximity, giving their guests a home-like experience.