Trends In Tech Adoption And Property Care Continue To Accelerate In The Corporate Housing Market

Published on Monday, May 24th, 2021 by Jessica Gillingham

A new report by Breezeway, the property operations and services platform, has underlined the importance of continuing to deliver high standards of property care and optimizing technology within the corporate housing and short term rental markets.

Data from the second annual Property Operations Report has revealed that optimizations around cleanliness, safety and communication will continue to be of vital importance to corporate housing and serviced apartment property managers in 2021. Understanding the demands required by guests and owners and knowing the trends of the industry can help managers deliver best practice, and implement lasting operational change.

Of the hundreds of professionals surveyed, 71% believed that high guest expectations for cleaning standards will remain post-pandemic as corporate travelers remain sensitive to property preparation. 73% of managers are therefore making guest and property safety a priority in 2021 by conducting routine preventative maintenance.

The report also showed the power of communication, which was the highest rated pain point for respondents. This was unchanged from 2020 when three-quarters of managers planned to adjust their communication strategies to reassure clients throughout the pandemic and create a more personalized experience for them. It is not just enough to implement more safety checks and cleans – this work has to be communicated to  to be valuable to a business.

Operational tech can help bridge this gap and drive quality and service for the corporate housing market. Automating workflows can assist in not only running a more profitable and efficient business, but in meeting challenging guest requirements. After a surge in tech adoption over the last year, Breezeway’s report predicts the rise of tailored and integrated tech solutions in the corporate housing and short term rental market as well.

To boost their brand, 88% of managers plan on differentiating their business by expanding or optimizing their tech stack in 2021, with 53% of professional managers using 4 or more software solutions to run their business and keep a competitive edge.

Jeremy Gall, founder and CEO of Breezeway (and previous founder of FlipKey), explains why 2021 is the year in which property operations technology comes into its own within the industry: “Providers have…gravitated away from one-size-fits-all software toward technologies with more singular focuses and deeper functionalities. This fragmentation—using different tools for different business functions—allows for products with better connectivity and usability.”

View  Breezeway’s 2021 Operations Report and findings here.

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Breezeway’s property care and operations platform helps coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed work at properties, and deliver the best service experience. Breezeway’s software and mobile apps have facilitated over 4M property tasks, and help thousands of rental operators and hospitality professionals meet detailed service standards. Started in 2017 by Jeremy Gall, who previously founded and sold FlipKey to TripAdvisor, the company is creating the tools to power the future of property care and services.