Published on Saturday, November 16th, 2019 by


Held in Boston, Massachusetts, during Worldwide ERC®’s 2019 Global Workforce Symposium, Altair Global hosted its third annual, invitation-only awards ceremony that recognizes their suppliers’ outstanding achievements. Altair Global happily announced CWS Corporate Housing as the winner of the “Super Star Award for Humanitarian Commitment” at this year’s awards ceremony.

“We are so thankful for the outstanding service that CWS Corporate Housing provides to Altair and our clients, allowing us to continue to be a leading mobility provider” said Chad Sterling, chief executive officer at Altair Global. “We would be unable to provide the best experience to our clients and customers alike without the dedication of CWS Corporate Housing and their leadership in corporate housing services and humanitarian causes. We are incredibly proud to partner with CWS Corporate Housing’s team, and we look forward to our continued work with them.”

The award was presented to CWS Corporate Housing in honor of their dedication to causes that benefit those afflicted by poverty, hunger, civil rights infringement or social injustice.

“CWS is passionate about people,” said Tracy Hayes, President of CWS Corporate Housing. “Our employees naturally focus on how to improve people’s environments and seek opportunities to touch lives on a daily basis at work. We have found that a lot of our employees also feel called to help people out in our communities as well. Kindness is a language we all understand, and we love to share it with our customers and communities alike.”

“Thank you Altair for this honor, and we thank you for recognizing the importance of giving back.”