Massachusetts Legislative Updates

Last updated August 89, 2019

Several regulations are in place with both the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts. Ensure that your company is in compliance by accessing the Department of Revenue’s FAQs to understand these new regulations. 

Click here for the latest regulation and registry information, expected to be adopted in mid-September. Under these regulations, providers will only have to list the property address of buildings where they are offering stays for less than 31 days. Any properties that are exclusively longer-term stays are exempt from reporting. 

2018 Legislative Efforts

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh submitted to the City Council his latest version of a city ordinance to regulate short-term rentals May 9. Key points to take note of include:

  • In his letter of transmittal, the mayor for the first time acknowledges corporate housing as a type of business that has operated in the city for decades and recognizes this type of use should be distinguished from “commercialized short-term rentals.”
  • The definition of a “Short-Term Rental (s)” found in Section 9-14.2 defines such a use as “residential occupancy by a person or persons for a period of fewer than twenty-eight consecutive days.” Consequently, the rental of a residential unit for 28 days or greater is wholly exempt from the provisions of the ordinance.
  • Certain types of residential units, even if rented for fewer than 28 days, are also exempt from the ordinance.
  • Among those types of residential units that are exempt from the ordinance, even if rented for fewer than 28 days, are “Residential Units Used for Furnished Institutional or Business Stays.”

2017 Legislative Efforts

As the industry continues to get increased attention, CHPA and members are working together to support pending regulations and legislation. There are several active legislative issues in Massachusetts: 

Lobbyist firm Lynch & Fierro are supporting CHPA members in Massachusetts to help differentiate corporate housing from other short-term housing options and to ensure that any regulations passed are fair and reasonable.

On June 27, CHPA members Annette Clement (Furnished Quarters) and Patrick Flynn (Northeast Suites), along with CHPA CEO Mary Ann Passi and CHPA lobbyist Ben Fierro of Lynch & Fierro spoke at the public hearing before the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Financial Services regarding bill #3454. Mary Ann provided an overview of the industry and CHPA; Annette spoke from a regional company perspective, including mentioning their clients; Patrick presented a local company’s perspective and highlighted his clients as well. 


Lynch & Fierro, along with Annette and Patrick, are continuing conversations with legislators following the June 27 committee meeting. Updates will be sent to MA members about any key take-aways as a result of these meetings.