OWL Upgrades and Amplifies the Success of Its Awards and Booking Process

OWL's newest upgrade integrates all booking information within its one-page booking confirmation.

Published on Tuesday, April 26th, 2022 by Sue Almon-Pesch

OWL’s newest upgrade integrates all booking information within its one-page booking confirmation. After awarding a booking, both parties continue to communicate to finalize the booking in real-time–reviewing and editing all details, guest information, and specifications.

SAN DIEGO, Calif. April 26, 2022 – OWL, a collaborative global marketplace for the sourcing and procurement of temporary housing, is pleased to announce that its development team recently upgraded and amplified the success of its awarding process with a new Booking Technology. This improvement takes the OWL technology to the next level of automation by providing a centralized location to capture both parties of the booking confirmation in one place.

Previously, after awarding a temporary housing booking, the confirmation and any revisions to the agreement were taken offline, creating time-consuming back-and-forth emails between the two parties. This booking method opened the door to errors and miscommunication, took time and increased labor costs.

With the new OWL Booking Technology, all booking information is integrated within OWL’s one-page booking confirmation eliminating buyers’ and suppliers’ need to go offline to finalize their reservations. Instead, the booking confirmation page instantly populates all the details from the buyer’s request and the supplier’s property quote immediately after the award. Both parties are prompted to review and edit all details, guest information, and specifications to finalize the booking.

“We are happy to announce a substantial upgrade to the OWL Booking Technology,” said Kim Krollman, EVP Strategic Solutions of OWL.  “Over the last few months, our developers dedicated time and energy to ensure our members experience a new level of efficiency for finalizing and confirming their booking process with the extra bonus of increasing their business.”

Additionally, the improvement allows both parties to communicate in real-time to flag any field from the supplier’s quote to identify revisions needed. All changes are stored within the Changelog, including the username, date, and time stamp. Any additional questions or comments can also be entered and stored with in-page messaging.

After all the booking confirmation page changes are complete, the buyer is prompted to click and finalize the booking. During the process, the buyer and supplier have generated a permanent transactional record that both parties can easily access at a later date.

“Our focus is on eliminating manual processes, speeding up efficiency, and creating seamless communication with buyer and supplier parties,” said Deanne Driver, Product Development Manager of OWL. “This substantial upgrade that we offer with the OWL Booking Technology is a result of our development team listening to the feedback of our members to improve and make it even more efficient for both parties. At OWL, we are committed to continuing to bring the most effective and innovative technology to our members.”

For more information or a demo of the new OWL Booking Technology, email info@owlmarketplace.com or go to www.owlmarketplace.com

About OWL

Founded in 2020 by Alex Shahabe, San Diego-headquartered OWL provides a global marketplace for providers to both source and be sourced for long and short-term temporary housing. OWL launched to facilitate a new level of convenience by offering all temporary housing providers complimentary access to fill vacancies and bid on housing requests that best fit their companies’ inventory style. For more information and to get started on OWL, visit https://owlmarketplace.com or request more details at info@owlmarketplace.com.