Relocation America International (RAI) Joins OWL Rentals Marketplace

The ability to realize additional revenue was a key driver for Relocation America International to select OWL.Rentals as their temporary housing platform.

Published on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 by Maria Valls

OWL.Rentals, a collaborative marketplace for sourcing and procurement of temporary housing, has announced the addition of Relocation America International (RAI) to their marketplace.

RAI, a Michigan-based relocation management company with over 30 years of experience in domestic and international mobility, piloted OWL.Rentals in January 2021. After successful results, RAI decided to join OWL.Rentals and went live on March 1st, 2021. RAI executive team believes OWL.Rentals can be an exceptional partner since both companies share core values of high quality and reliability, exceptional service, and steadfast integrity.

During the pilot, RAI realized tangible benefits in cost savings, increased revenue streams, and overall supply chain options. “The ability to drive additional revenue for RAI was a huge draw for us,” said Brad Hamelin, Director of Global Solutions at RAI. “Having an extensive supply chain and a no-fee structure, was another added benefit and we are excited to be working closely with the OWL team.”

“We are thrilled to have RAI on the OWL marketplace and add tangible value to their business and clients,” said Kim Krollman, EVP of Strategic Solutions at OWL.Rentals. “OWL marketplace is not a typical temporary housing platform; OWL allows relocation management companies to source inventory free of charge, identify the layering of costs instantly, create property profiles, and see incredibly fast response times from suppliers using OWL’s mobile capabilities” explains Kim. “We continue working to help relocation management companies reduce costs, increase revenue, and provide flexible and top-quality housing.”

About Relocation America International:
Relocation America International is a full-service relocation management company dedicated to providing innovative relocation services, value added support, and superior customer service to clients relocating families domestically and internationally. For more information about RAI, visit

About OWL.Rentals:
Founded in 2020 by Alex Shahabe and Elise Shahabe, San Diego-headquartered OWL.Rentals provides a marketplace for providers to both source and be sourced for long- and short-term temporary housing. OWL launched its portal to facilitate a new level of convenience by offering access to all temporary housing providers to fill vacancies and bid on housing requests that best fit their companies’ inventory style. For more information and to get started on OWL, visit