The OBASA Group of Companies is pleased to announce that Shane Kartz has joined the organization as Director of Marketing

Kartz is a highly creative professional with a wide-ranging background in marketing, design, communications, capital fundraising, sales, customer service and operations.

Published on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023 by Shane Kartz

SASKATOON, December 28, 2022 — Shane Kartz has joined the OBASA Group as Director of Marketing for all business units including MyKey Global Accommodations and OBASA Six Three Suites. Kartz is a highly creative professional with a wide-ranging background in marketing, design, communications, capital fundraising, sales, customer service and operations. Over the course of his 30+ year career Shane Kartz has fostered strong customer, vendor and stakeholder relationships and improved financial results in highly competitive markets. He has led major projects through a broad range of industries and market segments including government, education, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, automotive, performing arts, tourism and hospitality just to name a few.

Mr. Kartz was founder, President and CEO of Big Picture Media Corp. before joining forces with Wawryk Associates. Kartz has had the pleasure of partnering with numerous high-profile clients in the private sector locally and abroad as well as with several federal and provincial ministries and municipal government departments. In 2007, he spearheaded the SaskJobs talent retention campaign for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Advanced Education & Employment. The goal…to stop the provincial workforce exodus and outflow of new graduates…to lure back a highly skilled labour force in order to drive the rapid repopulation and recovery in Saskatchewan. Mr. Kartz reflects back, “My team was presented with what seemed at the time an uphill climb against powerful headwinds. We made it our mission to let the world know what a tremendous advantage it was (and still is) to live in this ‘flyover’ province. I believe the results of our efforts speak for themselves.” Kartz is now setting his sights keenly on the corporate housing and temporary accommodations industry as he guides the marketing efforts of the MyKey Global Accommodations and OBASA Six Three Suites business units.

Currently residing in Saskatoon with Angela his partner of 33 years, Shane Kartz has also lived and worked in the province of Alberta. In addition, he is a fine artist (illustrator, painter, craftsman, professional photographer), a filmmaker, a serial entrepreneur, a teacher of the martial arts for more than 24 years, and has been actively involved in youth and adult soccer for most of his life as both a player and coach. In the scarce free time he has, Shane can be found in his maker space handcrafting all manner of things from scratch or upcycling discarded items.

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