Canadian Advisory Group

About the Canadian Advisory Group

The Canadian Advisory Group (CAG) is the leadership engine for the Canadian member companies of CHPA. Canada is the second-largest contingent of members within the association. Thus, there is much focus on discussions and issues that impact Canada. The CAG leads initiatives and advocates on behalf of CHPA’s Canadian members.

Strategy & Resources

Strategic Focus

The Canadian members of CHPA provide companies with insight and resources to stay competitive in a continually evolving industry in Canada. Current initiatives focus on achieving the following strategic goals:

  • Membership Development – Increasing the number of Canadian member companies in CHPA
  • Member Engagement – Facilitating educational and informational meetings across Canada
  • Industry Awareness – Increasing awareness of the industry in Canada and communicating to key target audiences

CHPA members include corporate housing providers around the world.  As the voice of the corporate housing/executive suites industry in Canada, CHPA’s Canadian members offer educational, informational and networking opportunities to corporate housing providers across the country.

Find out more about the industry through these Canadian industry statistics.


As the industry continues to get increased attention, CHPA and members are working together to support pending regulations and legislation. Below are the updates on current legislative initiatives across Canada.

  • FEB 4, 2021: COVID 19 Updates | Canadian Government Imposes New Travel Restrictions

    The CHPA Canadian Advisory Group is carefully monitoring new government-imposed travel restrictions. The information below serves as an update to these restrictions and the impact on corporate housing companies and clients.
    What We Know:
    On January 29, the government issued new travel restrictions aimed to curb the spread of COVID-19. Most significantly for our industry, effective Feb. 3, international travelers entering Canada by air are required to take a COVID-19 molecular test upon arrival in Canada. Each traveler must make suitable arrangements for their mandatory quarantine of up to three days at a government-approved hotel at their own cost while they await their test results. This order is in effect through April 30. Please see the official government webpage for more details on this order.
    How does this impact my corporate housing company?
    Though the order is already in effect, many details are still forthcoming, including the full list of approved hotels in which a traveler can quarantine. While it appears that the intent of the restrictions is aimed at the leisure travel sector, the Canadian Advisory Group advises that members should prepare for these restrictions to impact operations. You should:
    • Review your company’s existing cancellation policies.
    • Determine your company’s policies regarding flexible check-in dates to accommodate the up-to-3-day window of quarantine upon entry. Know how your company will address and communicate this to clients and guests, including any applicable fees. Ensure your company is considering any length of stay restrictions (such as a 30-day minimum) in your plan.
    • Determine your company’s policy regarding notice to vacate and any associated costs or fees.
    •  Be sure your policies are documented and communicated to clients in advance.
    • Remember, the new 3-day quarantine is in addition to existing quarantine requirements; your guest will still need to self-isolate upon arrival to their unit.
    • Ensure your company is offering services that allow guests to stay in their unit. This may include linen exchange (in lieu of housekeeping); stocking groceries prior to arrival; offering trash service; and more.
    • Know your options. Many travelers have had challenges using international credit cards for grocery or meal delivery. Some companies have created Master Accounts to allow guests to order groceries and later be reimbursed; others have reported that services such as PayPal work in their local markets. Research these options for clients and let them know what to expect.
    • Ensure your company and guests adhere to any building-specific protocols put in place by condo or strata boards.
    What should I communicate to my clients/partners?
    The government travel website provides insight on what travelers can expect, including significant penalties for breaking these laws. It’s important to note that a traveler can be denied entry by immigration/customs officials, so it’s important that your clients are prepared with all required documentation prior to entry. It’s also critical that your partnering corporate housing providers are aware of how this impacts normal operations.
    Additionally, the Canadian Advisory Group advises the following:
    • Have transparent conversations with clients/partners prior to arrival regarding travel requirements. Ensure your clients and partners understand your company’s cancellation policies, including any applicable fees for which they will be responsible in the event their travel plans change as a result of these restrictions.
    • Ensure your guests will be able to continue self-isolating upon arrival. Review your company’s offerings to provide services such as linen exchange, stocking groceries prior to arrival and trash service.
    • Residents coming from outside of North America may need to establish a PayPal account or master account with their corporate housing provider to be able to order groceries or meal delivery as many services are not currently accepting out of country credit cards.

    The Canadian Advisory Group continues to monitor this information and will provide more updates as information becomes available.