What to do with your CCHP


The Certified Corporate Housing Professional (CCHP) certification exemplifies competence and professionalism in the corporate housing industry. You have reached an elite status among corporate housing providers by attaining the CCHP designation– so share the news! Consider promoting your CCHP certification in the following ways:

  • Issue a company press release about your new designation and submit it to CHPA.
  • Put CCHP on everything: Your email signature, business card, written correspondences, presentations, sales materials, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Share a brief testimonial to encourage other corporate housing providers to pursue this designation. Email your thoughts to CHPA’s CEO, Mary Ann Passi, at map@chpaonline.org. These may be shared on print or digital materials promoting CHPA and the CCHP designation
  • Encourage colleagues to pursue the CCHP designation to further their professional development and elevate the industry.


The following guidelines are designed for those who have attained this certification:

  • Those who have successfully met all requirements may use “CCHP” or “Certified Corporate Housing Professional” with their names. Both CCHP as well as the full name of the certification should always be capitalized.
  • The CCHP certification can only be used as identification for an individual. Organizations/companies cannot hold the CCHP certification.
  • Organizations MAY list the CCHP designation with the name of any certified employee in any directory listings or promotional materials.
  • Certified individuals may include the CCHP designation on business cards, letterhead, news releases, sales materials, printed collateral, etc.
  • Certified individuals may include the CCHP designation on resumes, in job interviews, and in client presentations. However, those who are certified may not imply the lack of certification in any way affects a competing professional’s competence.
  • Certified individuals must re-certify every three years in order to continue using the CCHP designation with their name. To re-certify, CCHP holders must earn 24 continuing education credits and submit this information to CHPA for review every three years. Re-certification materials can be found here.